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Debate2, the undeletable...

...because there's nothing to be deleted!

Seriously, where are all the peeps?

For debate: People like the crazed antics of many of the original debate users, and the original debate users like the fact that the mods are on their side and will delete anything that offends them.

Now granted not much offends these people, but some things still do. That is why I consider them pussies and don't want to go on debate anymore. They follow pretty much unenforced LJ rules. Like the use of the three letter 'f' word. It's been used on me and yet when I use it they delete my post.

However, I digress. My question is, why do people reject the notion of free speech in favor of censorship? It's because of the popular kids. And I use the word 'kids' to be mean, because that's how they act. My point is, censorship is in, free speech is out.
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