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debate2's Journal

Debate2 - The undeletable
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Purpose :

To keep absolut from deleting debate, by providing a place people could come to if his head got too far up his ass again and he thinks he can delete it, leaving everyone without that community.

And maybe, to provide another Debate community, we'll see.

Rules :

  • Mainboard:

    1. No spam, quiz results, or posts with gross pictures. (Moderators should delete such posts and note it in mods_gone_wild).
      Only other Debate communities may be advertised.

    2. All posts must have comments enabled.

    3. No referencing of a private journal period.(avoids mainboard attacks as well as circle-jerk fests).

    4. Use the cut feature for long posts : <lj-cut text = "text">

    5. Large pictures and long urls that require vertical scrolling should be placed behind a cut:
      <lj-cut text = "text"> *largePicture* </lj-cut>.

    6. Excessive cursing and other childish bullshit on the mainboard is discouraged, as are posts such as "Creamy vs Crunchy: Debate!".
      Moderators may delete such posts with or without warning depending on the severity, the entertainment value, the resulting threads, thier mood, the trollness of your journal, and how much recent borderline crap there is on the mainboard.

  • Comments:

    • No one may delete another user's comment unless it contains gross pictures, or some other very good reason (e.g. comment contained a user's name and address).
      The fact that someone's really pissing you off or is being completely stupid doesn't count as a good reason.

  • How to get banned:

    • Violate rule 1, violate rule 2 twice, violate rules 3, 4, or 5 several times (you'll be warned), or violate rule 6 too often (you'll be warned), or simply have a troll journal.
    • Deleting comments w/o good reason (see above) can get you banned as well.

  • How to complain:

    • Check mods_gone_wild for your deleted post and make a comment to the moderator who deleted it/banned you.
    • Make a post in debate2whine. I'll definitely see it there.

  • Moderator rules:

    • All deleted posts should be copied and posted in mods_gone_wild, except as in rule 1 above.

    • Violations of rules 2 thru 5 should be (eventually) deleted. If you want to warn them first, do so.
      But do not consistently pick on specific annoying individual users.

    • Any banning or ban warning should be noted in mods_gone_wild.
      Bannings/warnings should be noted in the subject of the post.

    • The maintainer may not delete or disable the community.

  • "I'm leaving posts" will not be deleted, any off-topic posts where the poster is getting ripped will probably not be deleted either.
    (This rule, however, will probably be changed to a white font so as to not warn/discourage such posters.)

    Axis Powers: Thies     Kylebee

    Allies: Towith     Whiplash     MrFlagg

    The professor: NotMrGarrison

    Maryanne: LilTroubleDoll

    Official Mascot: